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Thinking of implementing an ELN and/or LIMS ?

LabWare is pleased to present our 2013 Lab Informatics Seminar Series which will provide you with invaluable information on laboratory informatics strategy along with compelling benefits and case studies on how LabWare’s integrated Enterprise Laboratory Platform can automate your laboratory and give your business a competitive edge.

Today’s laboratories are being asked to do a lot more with fewer resources and as a result are dealing with an explosion of data generated by rapid analysis techniques and higher throughput instruments. Compounding this information management challenge is the increasing demand on the laboratory to document every minute detail as methods are being developed, executed, and reviewed in the laboratory. Many software companies offer a piece of the puzzle, but CIOs today want IT systems consolidated to reduce support costs, simplify hardware and align with corporate objectives.

LabWare will present a compelling case for how our best in class Laboratory Information Management System (LabWare LIMS) has converged with modern Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) technology offering the best of both technologies allowing laboratories a flexible, compliant, and future proof platform that scales with your business.

Who Should Attend
If like most customers you are trying to determine your laboratory informatics strategy and re-wire your organization to operate in a lean and efficient way, this seminar will equip you with key information to help you design a lab informatics solution approach that can successfully deliver benefits and value for many years to come.

This seminar program is ideally suited for

· Laboratory Directors and Lab Managers
· Information Technology Managers
· Lab Informatics Architects and Strategists
· LIMS and/or ELN Administrators
· Quality Assurance Managers

We invite you to attend our FREE informative seminar series, in which we will explain the wide ranging benefits of a modern highly synergistic Enterprise Laboratory Platform.

You must register online to attend the seminar. Space is limited, so we encourage you to register early.

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Results Count - More Laboratories Achieve Outstanding Value with LabWare’s software.
LabWare LIMS is an award winning product and the world’s most successful LIMS. It is a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) product with an enormous range of “out-of-the-box” features, functions and modules that seamlessly extend the application’s flexibility to address the needs of specific market segments. And now, a full function ELN can be seamlessly integrated with LabWare LIMS.

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