Section 508 Compliance

LabWare LIMS, LabWare ELN and LabStation are fully compliant with the requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, per the 1998 Amendments, and the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board’s Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards at 36 CFR 1194.

The following statement describes the details of compliance of LabWare’s products to the requirements of Section 508:


LabWare products are accessible to all users. Wherever possible, our software was developed using Microsoft Windows interface standards and contains a comprehensive set of accessibility features:

Keyboard Shortcuts

All menus have an associated keyboard shortcut. To access any menu, press Alt and the underlined letter in the menu name as it appears on the interface. For example to access the File menu in any LabWare application, press Alt + f. Once you have opened a menu, you can access a menu item by pressing the underlined letter in the menu item name, or you can use the arrow keys to navigate the menu list. For menu items with an associated keyboard shortcut, the shortcut is listed on the menu to the right of the item.

Directional Arrows

Use the directional arrows on the keyboard to navigate through menu items or to scroll vertically and horizontally. You can also use the directional arrows to navigate through multiple options. For example, if you have a series of radio buttons, you can use the arrow keys to navigate the possible selections.

Tab Key Sequence

To navigate through a dialog box, press the Tab key. Selected items appear with a dotted border. You can also press Shift + Tab to go back to a previous selection within the dialog box.


Press the Spacebar to toggle check boxes on and off or to select buttons in a dialog box.


Press the Esc key to close a dialog box without implementing any new settings.


Press the Enter key to select the highlighted item or to close a dialog box with the new settings.

Tool Tips

Appear for all functional icons. This feature lets users use Screen Reviewers to make interface information available through synthesized speech or through a refreshable Braille display.

Microsoft Accessibility Options

Furthermore, LabWare LIMS supports all accessibility options available within Microsoft Windows environments. These features include the ability to add sound, increase the magnification, and create sticky keys.