The LabWare BioAnalysis Solution is a preconfigured and seamlessly integrated LIMS and ELN system that provides powerful capability to manage the workflows that are unique to a bioanalytical laboratory.

The LabWare BioAnalysis Solution avoids the need to integrate a point solution bioanalytical LIMS with third party ELN and reporting tools, each having separate databases, overlapping capabilities, different vendor support channels, and ongoing integration challenges. The fully integrated LabWare Enterprise Laboratory Platform reduces direct software, maintenance, and infrastructure costs as well as the hidden costs of maintaining integration between multiple systems. The result is a streamlined implementation allowing for an accelerated return on investment.

Comprehensive Bioanalytical Laboratory Data Management Capabilities
· Simple study setup and approval
· Experimental design and Analysis
· Bioanalytical Method Validation
· Specimen storage management
· Instrument maintenance and calibration
· Automated study report preparation, review, and distribution

The easy to use and flexible study editor simplifies the creation and editing of preclinical or clinical study schedule methods, subjects, visit intervals, serial or sparse sampling schemes, and specimen types. Any study type is supported including:
· Toxicokinetic,
· Pharmacokinetic
· Single or Multiple-dose,
· Crossover designs.

Powerful Workflow Tools for Bioanalytical Laboratories

Highly intuitive and informative screens dynamically drive the work in the laboratory as shown in the following Study Workflow example - where typical bioanalytical activities are represented graphically.

A configurable visual workflow design module enables creation of custom dashboard screens for roles or individual users.

LabWare’s integrated ELN avoids the need to manage and maintain integration to third party ELN packages. The familiar spreadsheet style provides an interface to import and review sequence datasets, review calibration curves with weighted linear and non-linear regression models (4PL and 5PL) with or without anchor points. Method specific limits and other criteria are automatically applied to highlight the validity of calibration standards and other parameters. The image below provides an example of a calibration curve using a 5PL equation and an anchor point.

Comprehensive management of Incurred Sample Reanalysis (ISR) workflows including a configurable sample selection tool, easily definable acceptability criteria and final evaluation and comprehensive reporting.

LabWare’s Storage Location Manager provides a rich graphical interface that displays the selected storage location hierarchy. The interface provides a convenient way to visualize storage locations and to quickly identify available storage space at any level of the hierarchy tree. In addition, samples events such as time out of storage and freeze/thaw cycles can be tracked and reported.

LabWare's automated reporting tools simplify study report generation, review, and distribution. Native LabWare reporting tools allow reports to be assembled with one click and include tables, images, text, and content produced by external sources. Data exports to various formats can be easily produced via configurable templates that specify content, delimiters, and data translation factors.

LabWare's LabStation and ASTM modules streamline instrument integration to a variety of bioanalytical laboratory instrument platforms including AB Sciex Analyst ® , Waters MassLynx ® , Molecular Devices SoftmaxPro ® ; robotics platforms and a variety of clinical and genomics analyzer platforms in uni-directional and bi-directional modes. LabWare captures and securely stores the instrument raw data files and parses and stores the content as result records and can conditionally execute customer and even study-specific business logic based on the results acquired from the analyzer(s).

By defining maintenance, calibration, and service intervals in LabWare’s Instrument Manager module, lab supervisors can receive dashboard reminders of pending work and are given the ability to electronically document all the relevant history of an instrument.

Key Benefits of the LabWare BioAnalysis Solution

· Improve operational efficiency with a system designed to streamline workflow in the bioanalytical laboratory.
· Reduce cost and complexity by eliminating the need to acquire and integrate software solutions from multiple vendors.
· Increase flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.

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