Investigator sites can access the LabWare application via a web browser to pre-register specimen. LabWare accommodates specimen registration by file import or manually by batch using a spreadsheet style grid entry. The system is easily configured to cater for a variety of different types of specimen or subject data that must be captured. Mapping templates enable mapping the data in manifest files to standardized values used by the biorepository. Numerous fields are provided “out of the box” to annotate the specimens and customers can configure new fields as and when required.

LabWare tracks each shipment to enable chain of custody tracking of each item. Web services interfaces are available and can be implemented to track incoming shipments by shippers such as Fedex and UPS. Shipments can be received and registered into the biorepository using a configurable form to capture shipment and tracking information. Each item received in the shipment can be scanned and placed into a position in a storage container. A configurable form enables information to be quickly and efficiently recorded about each item. The first available position will be automatically highlighted. The operator can select the desired position and enter the specimen number or scan the specimen label directly from a barcode reader.