LabWare Portable Disease Surviellance Support Hotline: +1 888 905 0111

LabWare Support Hours: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM EST

Electronic requests for support can be submitted using the following link:

How to Order Labels:

1. Click the Order Labels button on this screen.

2. Enter User ID & password. If you do not have a user account, click on the Create Login button in the upper right of the screen. Note- This isn't necessarily the same username & password that you use to login to LabWare.

3. Enter the # of cases of labels you would like to order in the box (up to the max quantity displayed). Note - there are 5,136 labels in a case.

4. Click on the Update My Total button.

5. Click on the Checkout button at the bottom.

6. A new screen will appear. Fill in your email address.

7. Fill in your kit number. Please note, the Kit number must start with 'LWA'

8. Fill in your name and phone number.

9. Review your information and then click the blue Continue button at the bottom.

10. An order confirmation screen will then be displayed.

11. You will get a confirmation email sent to the email address that you provided.