SAP Partner

LabWare has offered an interface to SAP for more than 16 years. In addition to the standard QM-IDI interface , LabWare now offers a Web Services interface through SAP NetWeaver .

All organizations implement SAP and QM to meet their unique business processes. LabWare recognizes the need for flexibility in the LabWare-SAP interface. Our environment provides the ability to go beyond the definition of the standard SAP integration and RDC’s. LabWare’s technology provides the ability to call any RDC, including those developed by the customer, allowing a completely flexible integration to manage the most challenging quality and laboratory processes.

LabWare LIMS, has received the “ Powered By SAP NetWeaver® ” certification status based upon successful integration testing with SAP’s ESOA BUNDLE 1.0 – Integration of Quality Management Systems that is part of the SAP ECC 6.0 product suite.
The SAP Integration & Certification Center in Palo Alto, CA certifies that LabWare LIMS 6.0 can properly interface with SAP’s latest integration architecture based upon SAP NetWeaver technology using an Enterprise Services Oriented Architecture (ESOA). This certification status attests to the fact that LabWare LIMS offers the latest cutting edge information technology allowing it to flexibly integrate with SAP by using an open standards based platform and architecture. By leveraging a Service Oriented Architecture approach, businesses can collaborate more efficiently and transform their LIMS and ERP systems into a competitive advantage within their target markets.

LabWare LIMS has an interface to the SAP Quality Module using the API (QM-IDI) . A high level of integration is achieved by a robust bi-directional communications link that ensures data integrity. The advantage of the interface is that it provides a customer independent integration between the two systems.

SAP/R3, tracks manufactured lots of material that may require testing during manufacture and for release.  LabWare LIMS' Lot Manager has been specifically interfaced to the SAP/R3 Quality Manager module.  The SAP QM module drives the creation of new Lots in LIMS.  Once the testing is complete, Lot Manager passes a "Usage Decision" for the Lot back to SAP.

Specifications can be held in SAP as the master and downloaded to LIMS with the lot, results recorded and sent to SAP. The disposition is recorded and sent to SAP.

Alternatively, Specifications are held in LIMS and the lot downloaded. Results are recorded and not sent to SAP. The disposition is recorded and sent to SAP.

Materials can be set up for quality inspection for an inspection type; 01 purchase orders, 03 process orders in process, 04 process orders post process and other custom types.

An inspection plan must exist for inspection on a goods movement or, a master recipe for process orders.

Each operation in the inspection plan has a work center. The work center has a QDR system (subsystem). This assigns the operation to LIMS.