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Why LabWare Customer Care?

Managing and optimizing your solution to ensure it continues to meet your rapidly evolving needs is challenging. It requires you to maintain the necessary staffing levels and expertise which—considering the constant budget pressure you are under—is getting harder and harder to do. But there are bigger questions at play here:

  • Is becoming a Subject Matter Expert in the LabWare technology a core mission for your organization?
  • Should you be spending your already constrained resources on keeping internal staff continually trained, supporting, maintaining, and administering your solution?
  • Or should you instead focus on improving the “operation vs. innovation” budget imbalance?

LabWare Customer Care Program services help you to focus on your core mission by leveraging our expertise and global delivery capabilities to manage your solution end to end, freeing you to shift IT costs from operations and drive value back to the business. We address these challenges by maintaining a proactive role beyond the delivery phase to reflect our commitment to your value realization.

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3 Pillars of the LabWare Customer Care Program

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a vital component of the LCCP Portfolio. It is focused on achieving and maintaining optimal systems performance, stability, availability, and utilization of your LabWare configuration in its production phase. The LCCP team will work collaboratively with your LIMS team and End User Community to respond and provide resolution to configuration-specific requests and incidents via contingency solution (interim solution) and/or root cause correction (final solution) ensure full operation of the LabWare LIMS systems/ELN and minimizing the negative impact on business.


Contract LIMS Administration

This service is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the behavior of the application in the production environment by performing a set of pre-established diagnostic activities such as the routine monitoring of system availability, scheduler operations, error logs, etc. which will proactively identify risks or chronic system issues. The service is designed to preserve LabWare system stability and reliability in production. In addition, LCCP will also perform proactive maintenance activities such as proposing value-added opportunities, identifying new module versions and LabTracks.


Evolutionary Maintenance

This service aims to perform on-going small enhancements, adjustments, and modifications in the LabWare system to evolve and improve the use and the results obtained through the system. LCCP clients will have availability to either assist or execute scheduled activities, including but not limited to master data builds and maintenance, addition/modification of analysis calculations, addition/modification of visual workflows, and minor report modifications.

The LCCP team offers not only the most knowledgeable and skilled team in the industry but the only Certified team to help keep your LabWare LIMS system operating at peak performance while satisfying the needs of the user community.

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