Laboratory Software for CBD/THC Laboratories

Ensure full chain of custody tracking and regulatory compliance with LabWare GROW, a SaaS LIMS built for cannabis and hemp product manufacturers, providers, and testing laboratories.


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Quality Control Testing Tools for Every Role in Your CBD/THC Testing Laboratory

Lab Managers

Lab Managers

Actively manage throughput, monitor KPIs, and execute approvals. Robust reporting and dashboards enable lab managers to control lab operations, ensure workload balance, and drive up efficiency.

Cannabis Scientist - LIMS User

Scientists and Analysts

Powerful sample logging and results entry functionality equips the bench scientist with tools needed to perform day-to-day operations efficiently and to maintain traceability with a complete chain of custody.

QA Director

Quality Director

Access to a comprehensive audit trail on all activities in LIMS allows you to identify and analyze issues. Document and training management capabilities can support compliance with standards such as ISO 17025.

Purpose-Built SaaS LIMS for Cannabis and Hemp Labs

Strict state government supervision over medical and recreational marijuana means you have a choice when it comes to compliance. You could use a homegrown solution or basic LIMS to manage the nuances of marijuana testing. Or, you can trust LabWare GROW - the world’s most powerful SaaS LIMS, which comes pre-built to handle seed-to-sale tracking.

  • SOC-2 certified and aligned with latest regulatory data integrity guidelines
  • Client or customer portal
  • 98% customer satisfaction (and not by accident)
  • Access on any browser on any device
  • 24/7 Support

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