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Laboratory Information Management Systems for Enterprises Large & Small

Thousands of labs all over the world trust LabWare LIMS to automate their workflows and execute more efficiently.


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Solely Focused on Building the Best LIMS for Labs in All Industries

→ Decades of Expertise: For more than 30 years, we’ve worked with organizations of all sizes, in every industry, in locations all over the world, with routine and complex setups.


→ Flexibility and Transparency: Customize LabWare LIMS for your lab with multiple deployment options. Integrate your instruments and get clear visibility across your entire lab.


→ Reduced Costs: Our proven suite of capabilities streamline documentation, prevent manual errors, leading to improved efficiencies and reduced costs.


→ Improved Quality and Compliance: Our automation solutions are optimized to meet regulatory requirements and stand up to any internal or external audit processes.

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Top LIMS Features

  • Lot Management

    Track the status of all batches/lots tested and where testing is occurring, from submission through to reporting. With built-in laboratory KPIs, data review functionality and lot release functions as well as automatic COA report generation and report approvals for each lot, LabWare LIMS organizes the tracking, testing and reporting of batches and lots to maximize laboratory efficiency.

  • Stability Management

    Highly flexible Stability Study Management capabilities coordinate and manage all related work in an entire study with one or many protocols. LabWare functionality includes inventory and storage location management, stability pulls, work assignment, sample chain of custody, results entry, review and reporting.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    Environmental Monitoring provides flexible and reliable controls for managing sampling and testing. Schedules can be programmed into the system to automatically log samples and prompt regular point monitoring, ensuring all the required samples are taken and tested appropriately. Samples can also be taken manually to facilitate unscheduled sampling or personnel monitoring.

  • Instrument Interfacing

    LabWare has highly flexible capabilities for instrument interfacing including direct network connections for balances, pH meters and titrators etc, instrument file parsing, web services, direct database connections or seamless enterprise integration through advanced integration modules to systems like the Waters Empower, Agilent OpenLab, and Chromeleon.

  • Sample Login / Management

    Track your sample management easily and digitally through LabWare LIMS, making data easily accessible to your team.

  • Result Entry

    Seamlessly document testing results for traceability and compliance. Streamline and reduce transcription errors during result entry with data controls and automation.

  • Batch Manager

    Group any collection of samples together as a test batch providing functionality to then view, operate, and manage result entry on all the associated samples. Batch manager provides capability for batches to be organized by test, sample, sample & test, or results, with integration to lab instruments and batch level results and calculations.


  • Workflows and Dashboards

    Configurable user dashboards are used to provide display of key process indicators in a variety of graphical and tabular formats. These dashboards can be personalized to fit the needs of any user role including laboratory managers, analysts, quality control personnel, etc.

  • Inventory Management

    Track quantity, location, expiry date, and vendor information for laboratory items such as chemical and consumables. Out-of-the-box functions allow creation of inventory items, pulling inventory to satisfy requests and managing stock quantities.

  • Portal for External Stakeholders

    Provide web portal access of project, order, test status and test results for customers and other external stakeholders. Alerts and emails can be automatically sent based on customer-specific business logic.

  • Training and Analyst Certification

    Track individual user certification on a test method and/or a specific laboratory analyzer and enforce that only certified users are able to enter or review results. The system tracks Certification and Recertification dates to monitor the user certification status.

  • Barcodes

    Use with any Windows-compatible barcode scanner or printing device. LabWare supports the reading and creation of both 1D and 2D barcodes.

  • Data Search, Visualization, and Analytics

    Advanced search and presentation capabilities enhance critical data-driven decisions. Intuitive user-definable dashboards display meaningful data in tables and graphs for instant oversight of laboratory activities and results. Built-in functionality to chart and identify data trends, with statistical analysis supports process improvement and quality control.


98% of Labs Recommend LabWare

Organizations of all sizes trust LabWare to streamline their lab documentation processes.


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