LabWare Support and Services

With LabWare Support & Services, You'll Realize the Full Benefit of Your LIMS Investment with Comprehensive Customer Success, Implementation, Testing and Validation, Technical Support

Customer Care Program

The LabWare Customer Care Program combines configuration management, system administration, and evolutionary enhancements

To keep pace with the rapidly-evolving drivers of your business, you need a team of experts to respond quickly to end-user needs, issues, and be capable of assisting you adapt to their changing requirements. 

LCCP services will help you keep your LabWare environments running in an optimum state and help your business obtain the maximum value point of your investment. Whether you need assistance with day-to-day system administration, configuration management, master data maintenance, or small enhancements, The LCCP team is the only certified team to help keep your LabWare LIMS environment operating at peak performance.

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LabWare certified implementations consultants in 40 countries

LabWare’s global team of implementation consultants guide the implementation process and equip customers with the knowledge they need to become self-sufficient users! LabWare's implementation consultants work directly with the customer, and are dedicated to the project. The amount of time they spend with the customer is determined by the customer's needs and tends to require more time upfront then tapers over time as the customer acquires knowledge through a mentoring process.

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Testing and Validation

Limit technology costs without compromising quality and scalability of your testing procedures

LabWare looks at the testing or validation process as a means to improve product integration from the outset, not just as a final step in the installation process. Our certified testing engineers take on an active role from the very beginning of the software integration lifecycle before the first script is written and continue with quality assurance at each continuing phase.

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Technical Support

Regional technical support in more than 15 languages

We employ highly skilled technical experts equipped with the training and resources to assist customers, working closely with development and services personnel in a concerted effort to meet customer needs. The global support staff has over 400 years of combined LabWare LIMS experience, with a dedication to provide personable service and respond quickly to business critical needs.

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