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Top Features for Healthcare Laboratories

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Interfacing Tools

LabWare supports laboratory automation and paperless operations with native tools that simplify the task of interfacing with a variety of laboratory analyzers and robotics platforms as well as a configurable rules engine that can be used to enable, expedite, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory operation.


Integrated ELN

LabWare's integrated electronic laboratory notebook provides additional capability to manage large data sets in plate based testing and flexibility to document research experiments.


Laboratory Information System (LIS)

LabWare's LIS enables fully integrated diagnostic reporting with the flexibility to manage the diverse needs across a variety of pathology laboratory departments including Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Virology, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Flow Cytometry, Anatomic Pathology, Cytology, and Toxicology.

LabWare Mobile


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Why Hospitals, Public Health, and other Healthcare Labs Trust LabWare LIMS

  • Simplifying Laboratory Workflow

    LabWare flexible workflow tools automate clinical test order processing through the entire order life cycle.

    LabWare’s configurable order management, specimen collection, and accessioning tools address various situations including manual order entry, CPOE via an automated interface with HIS or EMR, interface with another LIS, and import of batch order file. Other integrated features include sample collection/phlebotomy, built-in tools to capture ICD-9/10 codes with medical necessity checking, recurring orders, cloning and merging orders, double data entry, question forms, and label printing.

    Use quality  management tools, including  configurable Westgard rules and multi-level Levey-Jennings plots and standard and reagents management of supplier detail, lot number, and expiry dates. LabWare also has interfaces established to third party quality control management systems, such as the Bio-Rad Interlaboratory Programand Randox Acusera.

    LabWare’s plate management and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) modules work together seamlessly to streamline and automate the preparation and testing of multi-well plates for a variety of workflows (ELISA, DNA extraction, sequencing).

    Reports are created according to the preferences of the recipient, the format/template for preliminary and final reports, units, delivery time, and mode of delivery.

    The integrated Contact Manager module provides an automated phone queue for streamlined management and documentation of all follow-up communications to clinicians regarding orders and test results. 

    The Patient Manager module provides convenient access to all available laboratory test/result data, encounter details, charges and billing information, attached documents and files, clinical history, and demographic detail, including family relationships.

    According to contracts and accounts defined for the submitting organization, the integrated Charge Manager module accumulates charges to invoices and accounts. Invoices can be reviewed, adjusted if necessary, printed, and closed as per the requirements of the contract. Other features include volume discounting, managing local tax requirements, and multiple currencies for pricing and invoicing.

  • Powerful Laboratory Management Tools

    LabWare streamlines the effort involved with creating or modifying analytical methods with flexible test catalog setup capabilities, including:

    • Version controlled definition of test methods including automated calculations, interpretations, and reportable flags
    • Integrated tools to map tests to LOINC codes and results & organisms to SNOMED codes
    • Results conversion to address conditional determination of appropriate reporting units
    • Test and laboratory-specific rules for auto verification, turnaround time, and sample stability criteria
    • Configurable and version-controlled reference range manager which allows user-defined parameters, text-based limits, test notes, and delta checks by percentage or absolute and custom delta calculations
    • LabWare’s powerful Rules Manager enables the lab to create and manage conditional logic for flagging, alerts, reflexes, comments, auto verification, and reporting units.

    LabWare LIMS includes the following workflow management tools that help laboratories improve customer service, streamline laboratory operations, maintain regulatory compliance, and conduct clinical research.

    • Scheduling tools for scheduling of patient appointments as well as lab resources such as equipment and rooms
    • Configurable flags that can be applied manually or through automated rules to patients, samples, and orders for cancer team review, research, and other follow up actions
    • Supplier management, lab supply request and fulfillment management, and lab supplies inventory tracking
    • Recipe, formulation, and QC tools for media and reagent preparation
    • Analyst training and certification, including course scheduling
    • Document management tools including workflow and check-in, check-out functionality
    • Project Manager provides the capability to manage samples and testing campaigns for outbreaks, disease surveillance, and clinical research.
  • Interoperability Tools - HL7 & Web Services

    LabWare can easily interface with other enterprise information systems such as Health Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 

    LabWare has native tools that use data-driven configuration for establishing HL7, web services, file transfer, or direct database communications to other information systems.

  • Flexible Instrument Interfacing Tools

    LabWare includes a robust set of interfacing tools to enable unidirectional or bidirectional communications with laboratory instruments, plate readers, liquid handling/robotics platforms, and laboratory instrument data analysis software.

    LabWare's built-in ASTM communications module establishes unidirectional or bidirectional communications with clinical laboratory analyzers via ASTM or proprietary instrument-specific message formats.

    LabWare’s integrated LabStation instrument interfacing tool can be used to interface to various laboratory instruments via serial RS-232 communications (COM ports) or file-based import/export. LabStation parses the instrument output and automatically enters those results into LIMS or results can be manually entered upon your review and approval.

    LabWare also supports bi-directional communications with third party instrument data acquisition tools such as Data Innovations. LabWare has a standard HL7 interface to the Data Innovations Instrument ManagerTM Software.

  • Outreach

    The following LabWare outreach tools support the delivery of customer service excellence:

    • Online portal for physicians and nurses, featuring an intuitive dashboard with access to order status, patient results, and testing information
    • LabWare's contact manager can document panic result calls and other interactions with ordering practitioners
    • Management summary reports that detail physician ordering patterns
    • Rules engine provides flexibility to ensure prompt follow up for special case patients
    • Inventory management tools that track client supply inventories
    • Management of client demographic information and preferences
  • Newborn Screening

    LabWare LIMS also includes workflow features that address the unique needs of newborn screening. A flexible workflow engine and intuitive dashboard manage the blood spot cards from first and second data entry through sample preparation, testing, result interpretation, report preparation and review, and report delivery. The system also includes tools to manage follow-up correspondence and case management.


LabWare’s healthcare laboratory solution helps reference laboratories, hospitals, and public health organizations effectively manage the complete clinical order lifecycle, including:

  • Personalized management dashboards to see at a glance key performance metrics and work status
  • Phlebotomy including outpatient collection centers and wards
  • Shipment logistics, accessioning, and specimen receipt in the lab
  • Pre-analytic workflow including sorting/aliquoting, routing to the appropriate lab section, and specimen preparation
  • Testing workflow including integration to laboratory automation/robotics platforms, laboratory analyzers, and data analysis platforms
  • Post-testing analytics including calculations, result interpretation and annotation, and execution of rules to automate reflex testing, comments, auto verification, technical and clinical review, and billing
  • Creation and distribution of preliminary, final, and amended reports through the mode preferred by the recipient (hard copy, fax, email, HL7 interface message, etc.)
  • Physician portal to provide easy access to submit test orders and receive laboratory reports.

LabWare supports clinical laboratory automation and paperless operations with native tools that simplify the task of interfacing with a variety of laboratory analyzers and robotics platforms and a configurable rules engine to enable, expedite, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory operation.

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Public Health

Successful implementations in public health prove that LabWare LIMS has a significant impact on reducing administration overhead, increasing throughput and improving laboratory data quality. 

These improvements are achieved in the following ways:

  • Limiting manual data entry through instrument interfacing, bar coding, and other handheld devices
  • Enabling interoperability by managing orders and results via standard HL7 messages
  • Increased access to information on lab workload, performance, utilization, quality metrics. etc.
  • Dissemination of results to customers and qualified users, such as public health partners, environmental health partners and law enforcement promptly through the use of a web interface

LabWare provides the most complete public health LIMS solution on the market. Our approach delivers a solution up front that includes all the necessary base functionality required by a public health lab. 

This approach includes:

  • An out-of-the-box functionality that is often common between public health labs (i.e., patient management, accessioning, QC batch testing, result entry, review/release, inventory, charting, etc.)
  • The inherent flexibility of LabWare LIMS to configure gaps that are often customer specific, such as external application interfaces and reporting
  • Comprehensively address the requirements outlined by the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), which is further APHL software provider report

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LabWare's powerful laboratory workflow management tools help veterinary diagnostic and research labs realize benefits such as:

  • Improved customer service resulting from the timely and accurate distribution of reports through the preferred delivery method, including HL7, email, fax, or hard copy.
  • Secure select agent inventory tracking and distribution with a comprehensive chain of custody.
  • Flexibility to quickly adapt the LIMS configuration to accommodate business changes and new testing workflows.
  • Ability to upgrade to new software versions and take advantage of the capabilities delivered by new modules.
  • Simplified user training resulting from the use of custom screens created using LabWare visual workflows.
  • Improved turnaround time due to high visibility to pending work status throughout the organization.

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Genetics and Molecular Pathology

LabWare has built a comprehensive suite of tools that help genetics labs manage complex multi-step workflows, including DNA/RNA extraction and quality testing, numerous PCR methodologies including MLPA, library preparation and QC, sequencing (NGS & Sanger), microarrays, flow cytometry, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, karyotyping, FISH, and CGH.

LabWare’s genetics and molecular pathology workflow tools include:

  • Flexible plate management engine to handle complex workflows for genetics, genomics, proteomics, pharmacogenomics, with easy to use graphic design tools to set up the laboratory workflow
  • Automatic creation of microtiter plates from a plate template which specifies the well position of unknowns, blanks, standards, and controls; the template also defines the assay(s) for single test or multiplex testing scenarios
  • Cherry Pick Manager provides rearraying and other plate management capabilities to map on a well by well basis from source to target plates
  • Visualization tools to color code the wells based on plate layout or result interpretation when viewing a graphical image of the microtiter plate
  • Flexible workflow management tools for library preparation and QC
  • Sophisticated calculation capability for plate and well result level results as well as calculations spanning across a collection of plates
  • Extensive and configurable genomics and proteomics workflow-specific plate acceptance criteria
  • Plate Protocol Manager to aid in managing a group of plates and defines workflow specific result limits
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) - provides spreadsheet-style interface to manage large volumes of data conveniently, provides workflow and method execution control to enforce standard operating procedures, ELN contains associated images and files and seamlessly integrates with LabWare’s plate management, instrument integration, and folder management tools
  • Standards and Reagents Manager- manages lot numbers, vendor IDs, and expiry dates for controls, standards, and reagents
  • Integration to popular instrumentation platforms with a highly intelligent data importer to expedite the parsing and loading of output files from external sources containing thousands of data points
  • Functionally rich and easy to configure bi-directional robotics integration (including Tecan®, Hamilton®, Packard®, Biomek ®, and many others)
  • Configurable capacity planning tools to manage genetics lab resources such as thermocyclers, sequencers, spectrometers, or even laboratory personnel
  • Flexible project management tools to organize lab testing by projects

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Anatomic Pathology

LabWare’s anatomic pathology solution is available as a robust standalone system or as part of a wholly-integrated clinical laboratory solution. Powerful workflow management tools tailored for the histopathology laboratory include:

  • Configurable templates provide flexibility to manage a variety of histology and cytology case types
  • Powerful reporting tools that enable inclusion of annotated images in reports, convenient access to canned text phrases, ability to produce a cross lab discipline report, and editing capabilities similar to Microsoft Word
  • Convenient attachment of items to the case record, including: images, voice dictation files, and requisition details
  • Robust storage and tracking tools to manage inventory of specimen, blocks, and slides
  • Case event log reports that provide a chronological history of all activities relating to a case
  • Comprehensive gynecological cytology workflow and management tools
  • Seamless management of tissue samples shared with other departments
  • Case Manager that provides one-click access to complete patient history and test requisitions
  • Flexible integration to barcode labelers, tissue processing, strainers, and digital pathology systems
  • Configurable flags that can be applied manually or via automated rules to patients, samples, and orders for cancer team review, research, and other follow up actions
  • Robust rules engine provides flexibility for reflex/confirmatory tests, correlations, and QA protocols
  • Integrated Charge Manager module enables automated charge capture/billing
  • Full traceability to instrument and reagent usage during pre-analytical and analytical processes
  • Flag cases for conferences or committees manually or via automated rules, including course scheduling.
  • Powerful search templates provide flexibility to find cases by configurable criteria including SNOMED codes, free text phrase, diagnosis, or flag category
  • Investigation Manager module helps to identify and ensure resolution of laboratory discrepancies, problems, or issues

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LabWare's phlebotomy solution suits the needs of different order processing scenarios, such as routine ward collection rounds and outpatient clinics. Seamlessly integrate your phlebotomy operations with order processing. Phlebotomists are provided with comprehensive information about sample types, sample volumes, specimen collection tubes, storage conditions, and draw instructions automatically derived from the original test order.

Key features include:

  • High visibility to STAT orders
  • Flexibility to record test specific patient data needed such as fasting, height or weight, at time of specimen collection
  • Flexibility for enforced positive patient and order identification before sample collection
  • Outpatient phlebotomy appointment management
  • Automatic printing of specimen labels and collection sheets in batch or at the point of collection
  • Ability to log specimen collection issues for follow up and management statistics purposes

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