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What is LabWare University?

LabWare's training offering is delivered through LabWare University and is designed to maximize administrator and end user capabilities.

All successful LabWare implementation projects begin with training for the Customer’s team members who will be configuring LabWare LIMS / ELN to meet their business needs and requirements.

For a Customer, there are principally three groups of users in their LIMS / ELN community. The LabWare training program is designed to provide each of these groups with the skills they need to perform their responsibilities effectively.

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More About LabWare University

  • Three Customer Groups

    The three groups that typically make up the LIMS / ELN community for a Customer:

    • Group 1 : Administrators and other personnel responsible for configuring and maintaining LIMS or ELN. If these users will be involved with implementation they may receive hands on training, as well as advanced topics training.
    • Group 2 : Key users and other personnel that will be active participants during the implementation. These users may be responsible for providing the first line of support after the production system goes live. If these users will be involved with implementation they may receive hands-on training and possibly advanced topics training depending on their roles after the LIMS or ELN is live.
    • Group 3 : End users who use the system but have little involvement in the implementation of the LIMS or ELN. LabWare also offers Customer Specific End User Training from assistance setting up a training directory and database to a full course developed by LabWare Services.
  • LabWare University Customer Training Programs

    The basic training program applies to all LIMS and ELN projects. It consists of classroom-style training courses at the LabWare University or at the customer’s site, followed by mentoring and knowledge transfer.

    • LIMS Administration Training Course: The LIMS Administration training course is a week-long training program that is an introduction to LabWare LIMS and its out-of-the-box functionality. All team members who will participate in the configuration of the LIMS project (implementation, validation, etc.) should attend this training class. At a minimum, the user(s) that are to be designated as System Administrators should attend this training.
    • LabWare ELN Training Course: The ELN training course is a three to five day training program that provides instruction on the ELN end user interface as well as how to configure the experiments to be used in the ELN interface. This training should be attended by all team members who participate in the configuration of the ELN project (implementation, validation, etc.). At a minimum, the user(s) that are to be designated as System Administrators should attend this training.
    • Mentoring and Knowledge Transfer: The implementation project continues under the technical leadership of one of our certified implementation consultants . Your team members receive on-the-job, hands-on training throughout the project life cycle. LabWare consultants mentor the team while continuing to tackle some of the more complex parts of the implementation. This relationship continues until the Customer is ready to move the LIMS into production. By that time, the Customer has become self-supporting and may need relatively little on-site consulting.
  • Advanced Training

    A number of advanced training courses are offered by the LabWare University. These courses provide in-depth training in individual areas of LabWare LIMS. Where the basic program focuses on wide coverage of many topics, the advanced program focuses on deep coverage of individual topics. Advanced courses are usually attended only by those individuals who will be responsible for maintaining the LIMS after production startup. These courses are offered through LabWare University but can also be offered at a Customer’s site.

    • Advanced Configuration using LIMS Basic: LIMS Basic is the embedded macro scripting language that can be used for defining calculations, event triggers, and automation scripts within LabWare LIMS. LIMS Basic is also used in the ELN environment to create macro functionality within the spreadsheets. The language was designed to be intuitive and easy to understand by anyone who has only a minor amount of prior programming or scripting experience. Nevertheless, the language offers a large number of advanced capabilities and has several hundred built-in functions and keywords. This training class is designed to cover these advanced capabilities in significant detail.
    • Instrument Integration using LabStation: LabStation is LabWare’s software for interfacing instruments directly to LIMS. It can be used to collect data from virtually any instrument that provides a network or RS-232 output and any result file output, such as *.pdf, *.csv, *.txt, etc.. The LabStation training course consists of a review of the application functionality, concepts, and hands-on integration of instruments.
    • Using the LabWare LIMS Stability Manager: Stability is the process of testing samples over a period of time in order to determine how the material might be affected by storage under various conditions. LabWare offers a training course that provides in-depth training on this important specialty area of the software.
    • LIMS Reporting Using Crystal Reports: LabWare LIMS provides advanced reporting capabilities via the use of the Crystal Reports software product from SAP. Reports are designed using the Crystal Reports toolset, and can be executed from within LIMS via a seamless interface. LabWare offers a training course that provides basic Crystal design skills; configuring reports within LIMS; and an introduction to LabWare table linking within Crystal.
    • Statistical Quality Control (SQC) using NWA Quality Analyst: LabWare LIMS provides advanced charting and trending capabilities via an integrated version of Northwest Analytical’s Quality Analyst software product. In order to help our customers get the most out of this capability, LabWare offers an SQC training that demonstrates the NWA Quality Analyst functionality.
  • End User Training

    Knowledgeable, satisfied users are the cornerstone of a successful project. Every customer has specific needs and requirements that their LIMS or ELN systems must meet. Therefore no two customers have exactly the same configuration. With this said, LabWare does not offer public end user training, however LabWare is able to assist our customers in building training specific for their configuration and users.

    LabWare’s involvement in end user training is based on the needs of the customer. LabWare can be involved in simply assisting in establishing what will be needed by the customer, to provide end user training through creation and delivery. The Customer will be able to determine the level of LabWare’s involvement in their end user training.