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Improve efficiency

Free your scientists from admin tasks to focus on the science

Avoid data silos

Access your valuable data at the click of a button

Increase accuracy

Reduce common errors from manual data entry

Gain Insight

Use data analytics to collaborate and promote best practices

Promote Compliance

Support current and future regulatory compliance requirements

Boost Bottom Line

Run a faster, cheaper, better biopharma lab

Biopharma laboratories of all sizes trust LabWare’s all-in-one LIMS platform

Cell Line Development & Cell Banking - BioPharma

Cell Line Development & Cell Banking

Streamline the complex processes involved in creating and storing cell lines for various applications, such as biopharmaceutical production, research, and therapeutic development.

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument interfacing, calibration, and maintenance. LabWare supports laboratory automation and paperless operations with native tools that simplify the task of interfacing with a variety of laboratory analyzers and robotics platforms as well as a configurable rules engine that can be used to enable, expedite, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory operation.

Upstream & Downstream Processing - BioPharma

Upstream & Downstream Processing

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing involves upstream cell cultivation in bioreactors, producing therapeutic proteins through controlled fermentation. Downstream, harvested material is purified, concentrated, and formulated using chromatography, filtration, and viral clearance. Adherence to GMP is crucial for safe and effective products. LabWare optimizes the complex bioprocessing workflow, ensuring efficiency and quality with stringent control over parameters.

Biopharmaceutical Product Release Testing

Biopharmaceutical Product Release Testing

LabWare delivers streamlined workflows, real-time data tracking, compliance enforcement, and comprehensive documentation, ensuring efficient, accurate, and regulatory-compliant release of biopharmaceutical products.

Media & Buffer Formulation - BioPharma

Media & Buffer Formulation

Manage the specific requirements and workflow of media and buffer preparation for cultivating and processing biological materials, such as cells and proteins, in a bioprocess environment.

LabWare Mobile


LabWare MOBILE (available on Android and iOS devices) allows users to easily connect to their LabWare systems, see their data, and perform customer-defined tasks. Learn More >

Transform into a digital lab and accelerate biopharmaceutical development.

  • Lot Management

    LabWare LIMS organizes the tracking, testing, and reporting of batches and lots to maximize laboratory efficiency. Track the status of all batches/lots tested from submission to reporting, with built-in laboratory KPIs, data review functionality, lot release functions, automatic COA report generation, and approvals for each lot.

  • Certificates of Analysis

    By automating data collection, analysis, and reporting, LabWare ensures accurate and consistent documentation of product testing results, and providing traceability to raw data, enhancing compliance, and expediting the generation of comprehensive and reliable CoA for regulatory purposes.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    LabWare provides flexible and reliable controls for managing sampling and testing. Schedules can be programmed into the system to automatically log samples and prompt regular point monitoring, ensuring all the required samples are collected and tested appropriately. Samples can also be handled manually to facilitate unscheduled sampling or personnel monitoring.

  • Stability Management

    Highly flexible Stability Study Management capabilities coordinate and manage all related work in a study with one or many protocols. LabWare functionality includes inventory and storage location management, stability pulls, work assignment, sample chain of custody, results entry, review, and reporting.

  • Laboratory Inventory

    LabWare facilitates efficient and accurate management of laboratory inventory by providing real-time tracking, centralized control, and automated documentation of reagents, standards, solutions, consumables, and other items used throughout biopharmaceutical testing.

  • KPI Dashboards

    The dashboards used to drive many of the processes within LabWare contain appropriate graphical and tabular representations of the process being performed.

    The Key Performance Indicator dashboard contains measures to aid with the efficient operation of the laboratory.

    These graphical and tabular metric tools are fully configurable, ensuring the information you need to operate your laboratory is at your fingertips and the KPIs you’ve defined for your processes are built into your dashboards and constantly reported in real-time, ensuring the data you want is the data you see.

  • Regulatory Compliance (21 CFR Part 11, ISO 17025)

    The LabWare LIMS and ELN platform are fully compliant with all technical controls of industry regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures), GMPs, and regulatory requirements from many international regulatory agencies. The LabWare Platform has an extensive audit trail and can be configured very easily to support your company’s interpretation of audit reason prompting and if appropriate electronic signature.

    ISO 17025 defines the general requirements for the competence of testing laboratories. LabWare supports your laboratory’s compliance with Document Management, Training Management, Investigation Management and Uncertainty Measurement features.

  • Integrated ELN

    LabWare's integrated electronic laboratory notebook provides additional capability to manage large data sets in plate-based testing and flexibility to document research experiments.

The LabWare Difference

You no longer need to navigate the intricate customization of a rigid LIMS solution or integrate multiple disparate, narrowly focused point solutions.
LabWare provides a holistic and configurable solution that covers your entire biopharma manufacturing chain.


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LabWare Pharma/Biopharma Solution

Whether you're working on vaccine development, monoclonal therapies, biosimilars, or any other biologics, LabWare is there with the most functionally rich, flexible, and robust laboratory automation platform available.

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LIMS for Startup Biopharma Labs

Scalable LIMS software with consulting services to guide you from initial formulation through trials, testing, and manufacturing.
  • Prebuilt Workflows

    With little staff and no internal IT resources, LabWare can get you up and running on the Cloud in under 30 days.

    Out-of-the-box workflows enable you to start collecting data and running reports immediately.

  • Rapid SaaS Deployment

    When you're ready to get off paper and out of Excel-based tracking and reporting, LabWare SaaS is the answer.

    Our fully validated, pre-configured SaaS LIMS allows for rapid deployment in less than 30 days. As soon as we receive your metadata you can be up and running.

  • Customer Success

    Training & Support - LabWare users say that it's easy and quick to learn the system. Our training and support team is with you every step of the way.

    No End of Life - Old versions of LabWare can be upgraded for free. You'll never have to migrate to another system.

    Lifetime Engagement - Onboard quickly with best-in-class features and then upgrade as your business grows and your needs expand.

LabWare Desktop Mobile-01

LabWare Desktop Mobile-03

LIMS for Enterprise Biopharma Labs

Digitally transform your biopharmaceutical laboratory with the the #1 enterprise laboratory platform in the world.
  • Configurable Enterprise Laboratory Platform

    As your laboratory pushes the boundaries into new frontiers of biopharma, LabWare can rapidly and efficiently configure new workflows while maintaining strong compliance mechanisms to combat regulatory pressure.

    One of the most compelling attributes of the LabWare LIMS and ELN solution is its ability to be rapidly tailored through configuration, not customization, to meet your specific needs in the lab and institutional requirements like system interfaces to crucial business software and in-house databases. 

    LabWare provides more than 250 purpose-built software modules that enhance the LabWare core LIMS and ELN foundation and allow it to be specialized to meet unique needs. The LabWare platform offers unmatched out-of-the-box functionality in the market. LabWare’s advanced software architecture enables the product suite to be extended without requiring you to move to the next version or re-validate the system, an overwhelming advantage that most LabWare customers find genuinely compelling.

    You get tremendous extensibility through configuration. Configuration allows your organization the freedom to tailor our application to meet your specific needs without worrying that it might affect your support or upgradability.

    Both QC and R&D laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry trust LabWare to bring products to market safely and efficiently.

    LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) is designed to be highly configurable and can be tailored to meet specific industry requirements by using a combination of purpose-built software modules along with LabWare’s pre-configured template solutions that enable rapid implementation, validation, and deployment of Life Science solutions throughout your enterprise. 

    Our solutions have been equally deployed across the R&D continuum offering tremendous flexibility and rapid configurability, as well as in Quality Control, ensuring sustainable regulatory compliance and quality.

  • Data Science Engine

    You don't need to build an in-house data analytics shop. LabWare's Data Science Engine can be configured to answer questions related to your custom setup.

    Whether you're analyzing DNA sequences, comparing bioreactors with thousands of data points, or trying to maintain continuous bench flow, LabWare's analytics capabilities can answer those questions affordably and quickly.

  • Integrations with Business Systems

    LabWare eliminates silos of information with an open architecture and powerful interoperability tools that enable exchange of information with other enterprise information systems via web services, HL7, ASTM, file transfer, and direct database communications.


98% of Labs Recommend LabWare

Organizations of all sizes trust LabWare to streamline their lab documentation processes.


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