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6 min read

How Cannabis LIMS Promotes Compliance Quality and Control

Due to the health benefits of cannabis, the drug has now been legalized in many states. Understanding the impacts of...

6 min read

Top Ways Your Cannabis Testing Lab Can Delight Growers and Customers

To sell a cannabis product, licensed growers must meet state safety standards and ever-evolving regulatory...

5 min read

What’s the Impact of Changing Regulations on Cannabis Labs?

Cannabis is a complex plant containing a group of chemicals known as cannabinoids. Cannabidiol is commonly referred to...

5 min read

5 Features That Ensure Quality in High Throughput Environmental Monitoring Labs


Implementing a LIMS has emerged as a key strategy in ensuring quality in high throughput environmental monitoring...

5 min read

The Benefits of Integrated Processes in Environmental Monitoring

Laboratory operations are inherently expensive operations to develop and maintain, particularly in regulated...

5 min read

How to Meet the Challenges of High Sample Volumes in Environmental Monitoring

For many industries, environmental monitoring is a requirement. For example, pharma and biopharma companies require...

2 min read

LabWare Dominates Laboratory Software Category on G2 Grid Reports

WILMINGTON, Del.-- LabWare, Inc., recognized worldwide as the leader in enterprise laboratory automation software,...

7 min read

8 Major Risks of Paper Based Laboratory Data

There’s no doubt using paper for recording vital data is dangerous. In a paper-based laboratory environment, you will...

5 min read

3 Ways LIMS Traceability Promotes Quality

As the adoption of laboratory information management systems (LIMS) continues to grow, laboratories of all sizes,...

2 min read

Streamlining Workflows in Cannabis Testing Laboratories

With more people becoming regular consumers of cannabis-derived products, some business analysts estimate that the...

5 min read

Best Practices for QC Laboratory Automation

Laboratory automation for quality control (QC) teams helps elevate performance by saving time and effort. The...

4 min read

Top 4 LIMS KPIs and Dashboards for Lab Managers

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are invaluable tools that measure a company’s effectiveness. Each KPI “measures the...