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LIMS & ELN for Bioanalysis
in One Comprehensive Platform

A complete solution that ensures quality throughout the bioanalytical process


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Improve Efficiency

Free your scientists from QC tasks to focus on bioanalysis.

Remove Data Silos

Eliminate isolated data management with a cohesive LIMS & ELN platform.

Report Faster

Improve delivery time of preclinical and clinical study data and reports.

Increase Data Integrity

Ensure the accuracy and consistency of bioanalytical laboratory data.

Promote Compliance

Support current and future regulatory compliance requirements.

Reduce IT Footprint

One infrastructure, one database.

Bioanalytical laboratories of all sizes trust the LabWare LIMS & ELN platform.

Study Definition

Study Definition

LabWare's flexible study editor simplifies the creation of preclinical or clinical study schedule methods, subjects, visit intervals, serial or sparse sampling schemes, and specimen types.

Any study type is supported, including:

  • Toxicokinetic
  • Pharmacokinetic
  • Single or Multiple doses
  • Crossover designs for bioequivalence

Laboratory Inventory

Laboratory Inventory

LabWare Bioanalysis provides a centralized system for managing all laboratory inventory, including chemicals, reagents, standards, consumables, and equipment. Track the complete history of all laboratory inventory with details such as item name, supplier information, quantity, lot number, expiration date, storage location, and usage.

Stability Study Management - SaaS LIMS Feature for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Bioanalytical Method Validation

LabWare supports the definition of full and partial bioanalytical method validation plans that can be designed using a flexible Method Validation Protocol for chromatographic and ligand binding assays with a comprehensive set of parameters for the determination of accuracy and precision, linearity, recovery, selectivity, specificity and carryover, matrix effect, dilution integrity, stability, and many more.


Integrated ELN

LabWare's integrated electronic laboratory notebook provides additional capability to manage large data sets in plate based testing and flexibility to document research experiments.

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Interfacing

LabWare supports laboratory automation and paperless operations with native tools that simplify the task of interfacing with a variety of laboratory analyzers and robotics platforms, as well as a configurable rules engine that can be used to enable, expedite, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory operation.

Advance Analytics


LabWare's data processing produces graphs, tables, and stats efficiently. It allows sorting, locating, filtering, and reordering grid contents, making it user-friendly for reviewing sample data.

Achieve the Future of Bioanalysis

with LabWare LIMS and ELN.

  • Small and Large Molecule Bioanalysis

    LabWare's Bioanalysis  LIMS & ELN platform incorporates templates for defining methods utilized in bioanalytical chemistry, enabling the detection and quantification of specific small and large molecules. Effortlessly create and update parameters for both chromatographic and immunoassays.

  • Regulatory Compliance (ICH M10, GLP, Data Integrity)

    The LabWare LIMS and ELN platform supports compliance with all technical controls of industry regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures), GLP (21 CFR Part 58), Data Integrity, and the ICH M10 scientific guideline on bioanalytical method validation. LabWare has an extensive audit trail and can be configured quickly to support your company’s interpretation of audit reason prompting and, if appropriate, electronic signature.

  • Specimen Storage and Tracking

    LabWare's comprehensive specimen storage and tracking provides meticulous control over sample storage location and conditions. With detailed freeze/thaw records, LabWare ensures the integrity of your valuable study samples.

  • Calibration Curve Processing

    LabWare’s Bioanalysis LIMS & ELN provides a secure and well-organized interface to import and review sequence datasets from many instrument types. Calibration curve parameters can be estimated with weighted linear and non-linear regression models. Anchor points can also be defined for quantitative Ligand Binding Assays.
    Method-specific limits and other criteria are automatically applied to highlight the validity of calibration standards and other parameters.
    Quality Control sample and unknown study sample concentration values are available after a suitable curve fitting algorithm has estimated the curve fit parameters.

  • Incurred Sample Reanalysis (ISR)

    In addition to managing the repeat analysis for assignable causes or analytical reasons (e.g., instrument failures, runs that do not meet acceptance criteria, and values above the limit of quantitation), LabWare facilitates Incurred Sample Reanalysis (ISR) with configurable selection criteria, analysis, and reporting.

  • Bioanalytical Method Development

    LabWare LIMS & ELN for bioanalysis provides crucial data management during the design, optimization, and validation of analytical methods for quantitatively determining drugs, metabolites, or biomarkers in biological samples. During bioanalytical method development, users can evaluate multiple parameters, such as calibration curve algorithms and weighting factors. 

  • Method Execution

    Easily record method procedures with LabWare Bioanalysis, ensuring quality and adaptability. Document all items used during the execution of bioanalytical methods, such as instruments, balances, pipettes, and appropriate standards, reagent solution inventory. Maintain consistency and traceability in data capture, promptly addressing exceptions in the process.

  • Barcode Labeling

    Seamlessly integrate barcodes into your bioanalytical workflow to streamline processes, enhance traceability, and ensure that your laboratory operates efficiently. Barcodes enhance the efficiency of bioanalytical laboratory operations by optimizing sample tracking, ensuring data accuracy, managing inventory effectively, and improving overall workflow efficiency. Incorporating barcoding technology is vital in enhancing the dependability and consistency of experimental processes, ultimately elevating the quality of research outcomes in bioanalytical laboratories.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Unlock the power of precision with LabWare LIMS and ELN advanced reporting capabilities. Harness reporting functionalities that seamlessly transform data into actionable insights. From intuitive data visualization to customizable analytics, LabWare empowers your team to make informed decisions swiftly and with confidence.

  • KPI Dashboards

    Dashboards drive many of the processes within LabWare and contain appropriate graphical and tabular representations of the procedure being performed.  These visualization tools are fully configurable, ensuring the information you need to operate your laboratory is at your fingertips. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined for your processes are built into your dashboards and constantly reported in real-time, ensuring the data you want is the data you see.

The LabWare Difference

Don't compromise with makeshift fixes to a rigid bioanalytical LIMS that can't adapt rapidly to industry changes. 
There's no need to fill the gaps with narrowly focused point solutions from multiple providers.
LabWare Bioanalysis is a comprehensive and adaptable LIMS and ELN platform for the entire bioanalytical workflow.

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LabWare Bioanalysis Solution

LabWare LIMS and ELN for bioanalysis bring a comprehensive bioanalytical data platform that combines all aspects of bioanalytical data management into one system. This includes data from laboratory instruments, experimental results, sample information, and other relevant data points.

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