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LabWare Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)

Extend and amplify your LIMS with LabWare’s ELN, the ultimate platform to electronically document your experiments, observations, and results.


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ELN Features

LabWare's Electronic Laboratory Notebook offers the unique combination of experiment automation and procedure control, making it the ideal laboratory management software solution for both research and quality control settings.

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Data Sharing Business Systems

Integration with LIMS

Work seamlessly with LabWare LIMS by allowing any data within LIMS to be accessible by ELN and vice versa. LabWare’s ELN provides a comprehensive interface that exists inherently between the two systems, and the simplicity by which all LIMS data and LIMS functionality can easily be shared and leveraged from within either environment.

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Integration

LabWare ELN provides the built-in capability to capture data from laboratory instruments. For instruments that use a computerized data system, you can parse the data in reports produced by the data system and directly enter that data into one or more ELN worksheets that are part of the procedure session. Connect to analytical balances, pH meters, and titration instruments directly over a network. LabWare also offers advanced integration modules that seamlessly interface to systems like the Waters Empower, Agilent OpenLab, and Thermo Atlas chromatography data systems."

More Electronic Lab Notebook Features

  • Guided Laboratory Execution

    For laboratories that work on GMP samples, LabWare ELN offers comprehensive capability for guided execution of standardized testing methods (STMs). Each step of an SOP or STM document can be associated with a particular section or step simply filling in a few fields of information in LabWare’s Workflow Automation Manager. No customization or coding is necessary to build the steps that comprise a method. Method Templates and Workflow Automation records are version controlled, enabling them to be linked with the appropriate version of the SOP or STM document.

  • Compliance Limits

    Compliance limits or checks can be associated with any data input in the procedure, allowing checkpoints to be inserted at the conclusion of any step in the method to prevent the method from continuing if there is a significant issue or deviation from procedure.


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Organizations of all sizes trust LabWare to streamline their lab documentation processes.


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