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LabWare Customer Education Conferences

Collaboration and best practice sharing for the global LabWare community.

Middle East & North Africa

November 4 - 6, 2024

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 LabWare’s customers are dedicated, engaged, and contribute significantly to the evolution of the product. Since LabWare LIMS is configuration-driven and includes all base product functionality, our customers can relate to each other from a common point of reference. This philosophy of transparency and encouraging a free flow of knowledge truly empowers our users and makes them part of a global community.

The LabWare Customer Education Conference (CEC)  is your annual opportunity to learn about the latest developments from LabWare and how to get the best value from your LabWare system. It is an essential and unique yearly event which has become the largest Lab Informatics meeting in the industry. LabWare CECs are scheduled throughout the year in multiple regions worldwide  to offer every LabWare Customer the opportunity to attend. The conference will allow you to efficiently network with LabWare’s team and other users from the LabWare customer community.


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Why Attend?

The multi-day program includes presentations, case studies, technical sessions, and a comprehensive training course schedule. It will deliver value whether you are a system owner, administrator, IT, QA, or a business owner, and we welcome those who are experienced with LabWare or are just getting started on a new project.

  • Maintain competitiveness: Applying efficient, cost-effective solutions is key to helping your organization maintain operational competitiveness. Maintain awareness of best practices and learn of practical solutions to everyday challenges other customers may have faced.

  • A rich source of knowledge: There are more than 1,500 LabWare systems worldwide, making CECs a valuable opportunity to mine this knowledge in a mutually beneficial way. Focus groups and workshops facilitate industry-specific discussions and encourage networking.

  • Boost your skills: The LabWare CEC provides a wide range of training courses to complement the formal program of presentations. The training is a major benefit of the time you invest attending the CEC and will help your knowledge and skills remain current.


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