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Flexible and customizable LIMS combines the features in a traditional laboratory information system (LIS) with additional integrated capabilities that address the needs for clinical research and biobanking.

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Top Features for Biorepository and Clinical Research Labs

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Interfacing Tools

LabWare supports clinical laboratory automation and paperless operations with native tools that simplify the task of interfacing with a variety of laboratory analyzers and robotics platforms as well as a configurable rules engine that can be used to enable, expedite, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory operation.

Stability Study Management

Clinical Protocol Definition

Address all clinical trial designs from simple to complex global studies with LabWare's flexible clinical protocol definition and management tools. Configurable blinding features control data access in reports as well as the user interface.

Storage Location Management

Storage Location Management

LabWare’s Storage Location Manager provides a rich graphical interface that displays the selected storage location hierarchy. The interface provides a convenient way to visualize storage locations and to quickly identify available storage space at any level of the hierarchy tree.

LabWare Mobile


LabWare MOBILE (available on Android and iOS devices) allows users to easily connect to their LabWare systems, see their data, and perform customer-defined tasks. Learn More >

Common Use Cases in Biorepository and Clinical Research Labs

  • Simplifying Clinical Study and Subject Management

    The LabWare Biorepository solution includes powerful features that enable the biobank to ensure compliance with the requirements detailed in the study protocol. Configurable templates define the study in such a way that the system can automatically drive the workflow activities, enabling validation of the data that is collected, and controlling the information and format used on any reports or in data extracts.

    Additional capabilities include management of the design, production, and inventory tracking of sampling kits; kit component inventory; and requisitions and order/fulfillment management for the kits and kit supplies.

    Authorized users can manage subject details including demographics, medical history, consent, and family relationships with granular control over individual data access and functional privileges. These permissions protect subject data and comply with security and privacy requirements.

  • Managing Specimen Registration and Receipt

    Investigator sites can access the LabWare application through a web browser to pre-register specimens. You can configure the system to cater for a variety of different types of specimen or subject data that must be captured. Templates enable mapping the data in manifest files to standardized values used by the biorepository. 

    LabWare tracks each shipment to enable chain of custody tracking of each item. Web services interfaces are available and can be implemented to track incoming shipments by delivery service organizations such as FedEx and UPS. Each item received in the shipment can be scanned with a barcode reader and placed into a position in a storage container.

  • Automating Specimen Processing and Quality Control

    LabWare’s configurable workflow management tools provide capabilities to manage all aspects of biospecimen processing and quality control, including:

    • Aliquoting
    • Nucleic acid extraction and quality testing
    • Genotyping, gene expression, tissue microarrays, and sequencing
    • Cell line establishment and maintenance
    • Histology/Cytology testing

    LabWare’s plate management and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) modules work together seamlessly to streamline and automate the preparation and testing of multi-well plates for a variety of workflows (ELISA, DNA extraction, sequencing, etc.).

    LabWare’s powerful Rules Manager enables the lab to create and manage conditional logic for flagging, alerts, reflexes, comments, auto verification, and reporting units.

  • Streamlined Specimen Distribution Request Management

    Researchers request specimens from the biorepository to support their research efforts, and the LabWare solution provides the means to track these requests using a structured request management workflow. Each request is tracked throughout its lifecycle, enabling automated interaction between the requester and the other personnel and processes involved in the biorepository’s operation.

Biorepository and Biobanking LIMS

LabWare’s biorepository solution combines powerful specimen tracking and logistics capabilities with flexible searching and specimen testing and workflow management features. 

LabWare simplifies the total lifecycle management for each specimen including collection, pre-registration, receipt, testing, QC, storage management, request, retrieval, and distribution to the requestor.

Biorepository customers love:

  • Reduced turnaround time from biomaterial request to shipping
  • Improved sample tracking, query, and chain of custody
  • Improved quality through integrated testing and quality control tools
  • Compliance with biorepository and data security requirements
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs because of time savings for many tasks
  • Flexibility to quickly accommodate new business requirements without vendor assistance

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Clinical Research

LabWare’s clinical research solution enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies, public health labs, biorepositories, government research institutions, universities and hospitals to streamline and optimize their efforts in translational research and personalized medicine. LabWare makes key clinical trial information accessible and usable for all authorized clinical trial process stakeholders—both internal and external to your organization.

Clinical Research customers love:

  • Cost savings and timeline reductions enabled by centralized trial management tools
  • Elimination of lost or mishandled specimens with improved specimen tracking, query, and chain of custody
  • Improved data quality by leveraging configurable rules to enable early identification and resolution of data discrepancies
  • Reduced costs associated with expired kits through the more timely use of kits, as well as proactive kit reorder and re-supply
  • Improved laboratory turnaround time for testing and biospecimen processing
  • Better adherence to the testing and specimen handling requirements specified by the clinical protocol

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LabWare’s Bioanalysis Solution avoids costly integration of a rigid bioanalytical LIMS with third-party ELN and reporting tools, often resulting in separate databases, overlapping capabilities, different vendor support channels, and ongoing integration challenges. 

The fully integrated LabWare Bioanalysis Solution reduces direct software, maintenance, and infrastructure costs and the hidden costs of integrating multiple systems.

Bioanalysis customers love:

  • Support for bioanalytical method validation
  • Simple study setup and approval
  • Complete specimen storage and tracking management
  • Built-in instrument interfacing
  • Calibration curve regression
  • Automated study report preparation review and distribution

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