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Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Interfacing Tools

LabWare supports laboratory automation and paperless operations with native tools that simplify the task of interfacing with a variety of laboratory analyzers and robotics platforms as well as a configurable rules engine that can be used to enable, expedite, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory operation.

Process Automation

Process Automation

LabWare supports a full process hierarchy for automating multiple sites, plants, process units, and sampling points such as Geology, Mine Exploration, Process Quality Control, Metallurgical Studies, Finished Product Shipping, and Environmental Monitoring.

Data Sharing Business Systems

Data Sharing with Business Systems

LabWare eliminates silos of information with an open architecture and powerful interoperability tools that enable exchange of information with other enterprise information systems via web services, file transfer, and direct database communications.

LabWare Mobile


LabWare MOBILE (available on Android and iOS devices) allows users to easily connect to their LabWare systems, see their data, and perform customer-defined tasks. Learn More >

Flexible Quality Control Software for Mining Companies

The mining industry has a broad diversity of laboratories, depending mainly on extracted mineral type.

Our approach is to let our customers drive new content as opposed to LabWare dictating what they will receive. LabWare provides a pre-configured Mining Template, which is an accumulation of best practices specific to mining. For new customers, the Template configuration fast tracks the implementation, showing customers which modules to use and how they are typically configured.

The LabWare Mining solution provides the following benefits:

  • Establishing Best Practice - It’s difficult for a project team to develop best practices independently. The Template provides the ability to review how several mining companies have addressed similar business problems and learn from this experience. 
  • Reduced Implementation Costs - Since projects  complete 20-50 percent faster, there are less LabWare and customer resources required to achieve full production use. This cost savings is significant both in the short term and long-term as new features are added to the Template and adopted by customers.
  • Reduced Ongoing Support Costs - The business usually drives system upgrades and configuration changes over 2-10 years.  
  • By adopting the Mining Template, users can efficiently perform product upgrades and apply new functionality.


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Configurable Quality Testing Software for the Metals Industry

Few industries require a LIMS to prove its versatility more than the metals industry. From the frenzied testing of time-critical samples taken from the furnace at the beginning of the process, through the mechanical testing as the product is shaped and treated to meet the many physical specifications, to the metallurgical testing as the finished product is inspected at the microscopic level, the LIMS must not falter.

In this industry, you are likely to find a high level of integration with other systems, from process control systems in the plant to the MRP and ERP systems that manage the business as a whole.

The metals industry has a broad diversity of analytical instruments in use. Here we will find elemental analyzers such as XRF and Optical Emission determining the chemistry of the samples at the start of the process, the various instruments that test physical properties such as tensile strength and hardness during the forming and final inspection of the product, and the electron microscopes and image analyzers that produce final confirmation that the product meets standards.

LabWare LIMS is well suited to handle the metal industry requirements using our out of the box, functionally rich and customer configurable product.

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