Probably no industry requires a LIMS to prove its versatility more than the metals industry. From the frenzied testing of time-critical samples taken from the furnace at the beginning of the process, through the mechanical testing as the product is shaped and treated to meet the many physical specifications, to the metallurgical testing as the finished product is inspected at the microscopic level, the LIMS must not falter.

In this industry, you are likely to find a high level of integration with other systems from process control systems in the plant to the MRP and ERP systems that manage the business as a whole.

The metals industry has a large diversity of analytical instruments in use. Here we will find elemental analyzers such as XRF and Optical Emission determining the chemistry of the samples at the start of the process, the various instruments that test physical properties such as tensile strength and hardness during the forming and final inspection of the product, and the electron microscopes and image analyzers that produce final confirmation that the product meets standards.

LabWare LIMS is well suited to handle the metal industry requirements using our out of the box, functionally rich and customer configurable product.