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Quality Control Testing Tools for Every TIC Services Role

TIC Lab Supervisor - LIMS User

Lab Supervisor

Actively manage throughput, monitor KPIs, and execute approval with LabWare SaaS LIMS. Robust reporting and dashboards enable lab supervisors to ensure workload balance and drive up efficiency.

TIC Quality Manager - LIMS User

Quality Managers

With LabWare SaaS LIMS, built-in workflows will streamline work processes and you’ll have access to QA/QC reports to easily analyze issues and surface deficiency trends to management.

TIC Inspectors and Engineers - LIMS User

Inspectors and Engineers

Powerful sample logging and results entry functionality in LabWare SaaS LIMS equips inspectors and engineers with tools needed to perform inspections and log results anywhere and on any device.

LabWare SaaS LIMS for Testing Inspection Certification

Purpose-Built SaaS LIMS for TIC Services

As end-user quality expectations rise, so does the pressure on independent Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services to ensure that products, infrastructures, and processes meet required standards and regulations so they don’t cause harm to consumers. With LabWare QA/QC built for TIC services, pre-built workflows will streamline and standardize all your processes. From testing against specifications to recording results to the chain of custody tracking, you’ll accurately manage test samples while also facilitating efficient sample throughput.

  • TIC edition - Pre-built for compliance across industries
  • SOC-2 certified and aligned with latest regulatory data integrity guidelines
  • 98% customer satisfaction (and not by accident)
  • Access on any browser on any device
  • 24/7 Support
This system's interface is simple and easy to use. It is also extremely beneficial for maintaining data integrity hence their retrieval is easy at any time. It fits any size of laboratory.
Robert H
Medical Laboratory Scientist
This system is the best when it comes to practicing browser based deployment, also helps laboratory personnel to gain the most possible rapid ROI.
Marry A
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Easy to configure, easy to use, fast, less bugs, light software, and easy to implement.
Swarnendu C
This software is easy to use and user friendly. It is very easy to read data and give reports, it works great within the lab environment.
Amanda Lynn C
Research Technician
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