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LabWare Rockets to the Top of G2 Spring 2023 Software Reports for LIMS, ELN, and Lab Inventory

Mar 31, 2023 11:58:33 AM

WILMINGTON, Del.-- LabWare, Inc., reinforcing it's position as the worldwide leader in enterprise laboratory automation software, today announced that it has been named "Leader" in the LIMS, ELN, and Lab Inventory Management Categories on G2's 2023 Reports.

G2 2023 Leader in LIMS, ELN, and Lab Inventory (2)


Leader in 3 Laboratory Software Categories

We want to extend our thanks to the 88 LabWare  customers who have shared their experience working with LabWare on G2.com, the world's #1 website for software buyers.

Beyond receiving an average overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 from customers, here are some highlights from the G2 Spring 2023 Reports:

Feature Comparison: Lab Informatics >

  • 95% recommend LabWare for Instrument Management (Highest)
  • 95% recommend LabWare for ELN Support (2nd Highest)
  • 93% recommend LabWare for Workflow Management (2nd Highest)

Feature Comparison: Chain of Custody >

  • 96% recommend LabWare for Sample Management (2nd Highest)
  • 94% recommend LabWare for QA/QC (2nd Highest)
  • 92% recommend LabWare for Data Warehouse (3rd Highest)
  • 91% recommend LabWare for Inventory Management (2nd Highest)
  • 90% recommend LabWare for Document Management (2nd Highest)

LabWare was also ranked:

  • Highest User Adoption
  • Best Support for Small Businesses
  • Best Meets Requirements


Compare LabWare Based on Customer Reviews


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More LIMS Rankings 

Beyond G2.com, LabWare has been recently ranked as a top LIMS in the world by other publications including:

Sourceforge: Top LIMS Software of 2023

Slashdot: Top LIMS Software in 2023

SoftwareConnect: 15 Best Lab Information Management Systems of 2023


Recent Customer Testimonials of LabWare LIMS on G2


Flexible LIMS Deployment Types

Flexibility is often highlighted by our customers as one of their favorite LabWare features. It's critical to point out that we have flexible deployment types for laboratories with unique requirements and urgent timelines.

  • SaaS - Cloud-hosted by LabWare. Validated and preconfigured for rapid deployment.
  • LabWare Hosted - Cloud-hosted by LabWare. Best practice industry solutions customized for you.
  • Your Cloud - Cloud provider of your choice. Completely customized.
  • Self-Hosted - Locally hosted through on premise installation. Completely customized


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G2 LabWare - Highest User Adoption

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