Customer Testimonials
  • "LabWare is dedicated to laboratory applications, is well staffed by knowledgeable employees and is responsive. They have a global presence and will probably be around for the long-term."
  • "Support for the LIMS is excellent."
  • "Great LIMS - best I have ever worked with. Great flexibility, and allows in-house development of configured solution."
  • "Endless opportunities to tailor to our needs."
  • "If you can think of it, LABWARE will be able to do it."
  • "Great Product, great conferences, user configuration, business specific implementations, forums to directly share information and ideas to the founder and developers of LabWare LIMS."
  • "Configurable in a demanding and ever changing environment enabling rapid development and compliance."
  • "It can pretty much do whatever you want it to do."
  • "Great visual workflows, ease of use, keep up to date with the forum on what other people are doing and how to fix things."
  • "Meets all the needs of this laboratory. Never failed to provide a solution for any test required of it."
  • "We found that LabWare is capable to satisfy all our needs. we didn’t identify any shortfalls yet."
  • "Robust and functional."
  • "LabWare conference a great forum. Highly configurable. Modularity a major plus."
  • "Reputable brand. Worldwide support."
  • "We can do anything with this product."
  • "Definitely meets our needs."
  • "Easy to use and relatively easy to configure for individual requirements."
  • "Good support and expert knowledge in solving problems."
  • "Product is dynamic and outstanding."
  • "Simple and easy to use interface."
  • "Very configurable and easy to learn."
  • "Very happy."
  • " We consider it the best LIMS on the market."
  • "The system is very powerful."
  • "Excellent product."
  • "LabWare is a highly flexible and configurable system."
  • "Very user friendly and flexible."
  • "In my opinion, LIMS generally meets the real need of the lab."
  • "Excellent overall system, very robust."
  • "Huge range of possibilities."

LabWare provides a complete laboratory information management solution for Forensics labs including a number of modules that were developed specifically for forensics applications. LabWare's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) forensic customers include:

Botswana Police Forensics - South Africa
Canadian Border Services Agency - Canada
Centro de Identificacion Humana (CIH) - Colombia
Cuerpo Nacional de Policia (CNP) - Spain
Department of Health Forensics of Cape Town - South Africa
Department of Health Forensics of Johannesburg -South Africa
Department of Health Forensics of Pretoria - South Africa
Ertzaintza (Basque Police) - Spain
Eurofins Forensic Services - U.K.
Fodervare Institutet -Denmark
Forensic Science South Australia (FSSA) - Australia
Guardia Civil - Spain
Health Sciences Authority - Singapore
INDRA Defense - Global
Institut de Medicina Legal de Catalunya - Spain
Institute of Forensic Sciences (RIFSC) -Bulgaria
Instituto Nacional de Toxicologia - Spain
Instituto Vasco de Medicina Legal - Spain
Metropolitan Police Service - U.K.
Mossos d'Esquadra - Spain
Namibia Forensic Science
Retsgenetik Afdeling - Denmark
Retsmedizinsk Institut Syddansk -Denmark
San Bernardino County - US
South African Police Service (SAPS) -South Africa
State Forensics
Uganda Government Chemist - Uganda