The mining industry has a broad diversity of laboratories depending largely on the type of mineral being mined. Some of the mineral types are:
  • Base metals - Iron, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Chromium, Manganese
  • Precious metals - Gold, Platinum Group Metals (PGM)
  • Heavy minerals - Titanium, Zircon
  • Rare earths
  • Coal
  • Diamonds
Laboratories will cover various activities which again will depend on the minerals being mined. Some of these are:
  • Mineral Exploration
  • New Mining Projects
  • Mining Operations - Open Pit Mining, Underground
  • Environmental
  • Refining
Our approach is to let our customers drive new content as opposed to LabWare dictating what they will receive. LabWare provide a pre-configured Mining Template, which is an accumulation of best practices specific to mining. For new customers, the Template configuration fast tracks the implementation, showing customers which modules to use and how they are typically configured. The following benefits are provided through the use of the Mining Template.
Establishing Best Practice - It’s very difficult for a project team to establish best practice on their own. The Template provides the ability to review how several mining companies have addressed similar business problems and learn from this experience. By LabWare providing such a good starting point, the business analysis effort associated with establishing best practices is considerably reduced.
Reduced Implementation Costs - Since projects are implemented 20-50% faster, there are less LabWare and customer resources required to achieve full production use. This cost savings is significant both in the short term and long-term as new features are added to the Template and adopted by customers.
Reduced Ongoing Support Costs - Over a 2-10 year period, there will be system upgrades and configuration changes usually driven by the business. By adopting the Mining Template, users can easily perform product upgrades and apply new functionality.