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Laboratory Software for Streamlining Environmental Workflows

Productivity, compliance, and reporting for soil, air, water, and wastewater testing.


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Reliable Environmental Laboratory Software that Meets Your Specific Requirements

Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Interfacing Tools

LabWare supports laboratory automation and paperless operations with native tools that simplify the task of interfacing with a variety of laboratory analyzers and robotics platforms as well as a configurable rules engine that can be used to enable, expedite, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory operation.


Integrated ELN

LabWare's integrated electronic laboratory notebook provides additional capability to manage large data sets in plate based testing and flexibility to document research experiments.


Remote Lab Work

Collect data in the field with your phone or tablet and the LabWare Mobile app! Logging ad-hoc samples for collection, pulling stability samples, and collecting information from anywhere in the field is easy. LabWare Mobile even has the ability to communicate with instruments in the field!

Adaptable Environmental Laboratory Software

Trust LabWare LIMS to manage your environmental laboratory’s sample tracking, testing and analytics. Key features include:

  • Automated Sample Management: Scheduling and Collection Runs, Receptions, Test allocation, Sample/test routing, Specification checking and exception handling, Disposition
  • Test/Analytical Method support: Instrument Integration, Analytical Quality Control (AQC), Standards, Calibration, Control Charts
  • Compliance Management: Instrument Calibration and Maintenance, Analyst Certification, Authentication and User Security, Comprehensive Audit Trail
  • Capacity / Work Management: Planning, Capacity Planning, Re-assignment
  • Report Management: Certificates of Analysis, Electronic Secure Reporting, Operational Reporting
  • Quoting and Invoicing with Contact Management: Quotations, Discounts, Pricing schedules, Contract review

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98% of Labs Recommend LabWare

Organizations of all sizes trust LabWare to streamline their lab documentation processes.


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