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The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding LIMS

This 39-page guide is the top resource available on the critical role of Laboratory Information Management Systems in modern labs.

Get a clear and complete understanding of:

  • How to tell if your lab is ready for LIMS
  • What happens during LIMS implementation
  • Whether a Self-Hosted, Cloud-Hosted or SaaS deployment fits your laboratory
  • The total cost of owning a LIMS
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What people are saying

"Must-read for any QC lab manager looking to modernize their laboratory from paper-based to paperless."

- Mike L., Global Scientific Informatics Thought Leader

"An effective implementation requires an honest, comprehensive review of a lab's needs and vulnerabilities, followed by a prioritization in addressing them."

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"Determining whether Self-Hosted, Platform-as-a-Service, or Software-as-a-Service is right for your laboratory starts with asking four critical questions."

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