LabWare is Fighting COVID-19

LabWare is a key partner in helping laboratories respond to COVID-19.


Where LabWare is Used Against COVID-19

LabWare has been actively working with public and private sector organizations worldwide to apply our considerable know-how and advanced technology to implement COVID-19 testing capability and  other workflow and operational efficiency enhancements to increase laboratory testing capacity to meet unprecedented public health testing demands.

Our efforts include assisting in the efforts to expand the NHS COVID-19 testing operations in the U.K.; providing laboratory management software for a new COVID-19 laboratory in Sao Paulo, Brazil; assisting U.S. public health customers to implement new COVID-19 tests and communications protocols for reporting to the CDC; adding/expanding COVID-19 testing capabilities throughout our public health customer base in sub-Saharan Africa, and assisting Canadian public health customers with performance improvements to handle the surge of COVID-19 tests.

We are developing solutions that leverage LabWare's mobile technology to streamline the COVID-19 patient registration and sample collection process as part of field-based specimen collection and COVID-19 testing operations. These solutions are being deployed at our state public health lab customers.


Florida DOH

LabWare set out to solve this problem by introducing a system that uses tablet devices tied into a mobile hotspot and runs our app to communicate with a cloud-based HIPAA compliant server running our LIMS. The system allows scheduling patient visits to testing locations, capturing the patient demographic information and responses to the many triage questions. In the field, when specimen samples are collected, we print labels with  a barcode as well as the patient's name and date of birth.

This information is used by the DOH (Department of Health) labs to identify the sample and patient. All data we are collecting is transmitted in minutes to the DOH system, so when the samples arrive at the lab, they are scanned and ready to be tested. We initially piloted this system in Florida in early April. The plan was to gather information on the gaps needed to enhance the system to be ready for live use.

Much to our surprise, what we had done met the needs of the DOH. We planned on departing Florida, but they told us they want to go live with the system right away. So, we stayed in Florida, and they went live the next week. Florida DOH has now committed to purchasing 303 kits, enough to roll out to every county.

More recently, we began deploying the Portable Disease Surveillance Lab kits in Delaware. The kits will be used to monitor hotspots within the state.

Instituto Butantan in Brazil

Instituto Butantan supplies 90% of the antivenin and 65% of all vaccines to the Brazilian public health system. Out of the 170 million doses of vaccines dispensed annually by the Brazilian immunization program, Instituto Butantan produces 100 million units. In particular, they manufacture 100% of the influenza vaccine doses used by the Ministry of Health. Currently, the most significant flu vaccine manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, Instituto Butantan, is already processing COVID-19 samples and will coordinate 38 Laboratories in the São Paulo area.

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National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

NIAID scientists and grantees are well-positioned to develop COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines rapidly. These projects include conducting basic research to understand how the virus infects cells and causes disease, and what interventions can prevent and stop disease spread.

In fact, within two weeks of the discovery of COVID-19, NIAID researchers had determined how the virus enters cells. And within two months sites had begun Phase 1 trials of a treatment (remdesivir) and a vaccine (mRNA-1273).

Genomik Solidaritas

LabWare has started a project with PT Genomik Solidaritas Indonesia (GSI), a group of clinical laboratories that are to be managed and funded by Indika Energy. A new laboratory within GSI has been developed to do COVID-19 PCR Testing for Indonesia. The laboratory when fully operational will perform up to 10,000 specimens per day. LabWare's Clinical Health Solution (CHS) is already installed and running on GSI's ExiPrep instruments.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory’s HIV team is now deploying its expertise in genetic databases and bioinformatics against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by developing a T-cell response vaccine approach, tracking the origin of the pathogen, and developing a robust bioinformatics pipeline.


hVIVO, part of Open Orphan plc, has become a pioneer in the worldwide fight against COVID-19 by developing human challenge studies to improve our understanding of vaccine efficacy. hVIVO is expanding its use of LabWare LIMS to scale up the sample throughput for these studies.
Learn more about hVIVO and their use of LabWare LIMS in the Scientific Computing World article, "Open Orphan to begin world's first Covid-19 human challenge model.

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