LabWare includes a powerful set of interfacing tools to enable unidirectional or bidirectional communications with laboratory instruments, plate readers, liquid handling/robotics platforms, and laboratory instrument data analysis software systems.

LabWare's built-in ASTM communications module is used to establish unidirectional or bidirectional communications with clinical laboratory analyzers via ASTM or proprietary instrument specific message formats.

LabWare’s integrated LabStation instrument interfacing tool can be used to interface to wide variety of laboratory instruments via serial RS-232 communications (COM ports) or file based import/export. LabStation parses the instrument output and then enters those results into LIMS automatically or upon your review and approval.

LabWare also supports bi-directional communications with third party instrument data acquisition tools such as Data Innovations ( ). LabWare has a standard HL7 interface to the Data Innovations Instrument Manager TM Software.