LabWare has always focused on life sciences applications since its inception in the late 1980s. Consequently, it is no surprise that LabWare has built a comprehensive suite of tools that help genetics labs manage complex multi-step workflows closely manage a variety of workflows including DNA/RNA extraction and quality testing, numerous PCR methodologies including MLPA, library preparation and QC, sequencing (NGS & Sanger), microarrays, flow cytometry, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, karyotyping, FISH, and CGH.

LabWare’s genetics and molecular pathology workflow tools include:

  • Personalized management dashboards easiliy customized to provide dynamic visibility to work status and key performance metrics.
  • Flexible plate management engine to handle complex workflows for genetics, genomics, proteomics, pharmacogenomics, etc. with easy to use graphical design tool to set up the laboratory workflow.
  • Automatic creation of microtiter plates from a plate template which specifies the well position of unknowns, blanks, standards, and controls; the template also defines the assay(s) for single test or multiplex testing scenarios.
  • Cherry Pick Manager which provides rearraying and other plate management capabilities to map on a well by well basis from source to target plates.
  • Visualization tools to color code the wells based on plate layout or result interpretation when viewing a graphical image of the microtiter plate.
  • Flexible workflow management tools for library preparation and QC.
  • Sophisticated calculation capability for plate and well result level results as well as calculations spanning across a collection of plates.
  • Extensive and configurable genomics & proteomics workflow-specific plate acceptance criteria.
  • Plate Protocol Manager which aids in managing a group of plates and defines workflow specific result limits.
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) - provides spreadsheet style interface to conveniently manage large volumes of data; provides workflow and method execution control to enforce standard operating procedures; ELN manages associated images and files and seamlessly integrates with LabWare’s plate management, instrument integration, and folder management tools.
  • Standards and Reagents Manager- manages lot #s, vendor IDs, and expiry dates for controls, standards, and reagents.
  • Integration to popular instrumentation platforms with a highly intelligent data importer to expedite the parsing and loading of output files from external sources containing hundred's of thousands of data points.
  • Fu nctionally rich and easy to configure bi-directional robotics integration (e.g. to Tecan ® , Hamilton ® , Packard ® , Biomek ® , and many others).
  • Configurable capacity planning tools that can be used to manage genetics lab resources such as thermocyclers, sequencers, spectrometers, or even laboratory personnel.
  • Flexible project management tools to organize lab testing by projects.