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LabWare Portable Disease Surveillance Lab (PDSL)

Fighting COVID-19 and Reducing Turnaround Time for Test Results


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Top Portable Disease Surveillance Laboratory Features

Designed to address infectious disease outbreaks such as COVID-19 with rapid turnaround times for testing and streamlined results distribution.

Integration with LIMS PDSL

Integration with LIMS

Centered around LabWare Mobile the portable disease lab kit includes tablet devices, a Wi-Fi hotspot to enable connectivity to the cloud, a battery pack, wireless label printer, and an optional portable analyzer for COVID-19 testing.

Direct Data Tracking to LIMS

Direct Data Tracking to LIMS

The kit connects to the LabWare LIMS software portal to capture patient demographic and clinical information, document field collection of respiratory swabs for testing, access the sample, and rapidly disseminate the data to public health agencies.

Multi-Target Testing

Multi-Target Testing

LabWare formed an exclusive partnership with a molecular diagnostic company that developed a respiratory panel assay capable of detecting COVID-19, Flu A, Flu B, and RSV simultaneously from a single sample. Patients with flu-like symptoms will know what they have and experience better clinical outcomes by having target-appropriate treatments.

LabWare and Tangen have brought forward an exciting new capability to deliver portable, rapid testing that also connects testing data seamlessly to state public health and CDC databases. I’m grateful for their dedication and their innovation and look forward to seeing the impact this new system can make on our nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Chris Coons
Chris Coons
U.S. Senator, Delaware
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