LabWare’s biorepository solution combines powerful specimen tracking and logistics capabilities with flexible searching and specimen testing and workflow management features. LabWare simplifies the total life cycle management of each biospecimen including collection, pre-registration, receipt, testing, QC, storage management, request, retrieval, and distribution.

Customer benefits include :
  • Lower activation energy for initiating new biobank research projects.
  • Reduced turnaround time from biomaterial request to shipping.
  • Improved sample tracking, query, and chain of custody.
  • Improved quality via integrated testing and quality control tools.
  • Compliance with biorepository and data security requirements.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs via time savings for many tasks.
  • Flexibility to quickly accommodate new business requirements without vendor assistance.

LabWare can easily interface with a wide variety of laboratory instrumentation, robotics, and automated storage systems. Interoperability tools enable seamless information exchange with other enterprise software systems within the biorepository and also with external stakeholders via web services, HL7, ASTM, file transfer, and direct database communications.

LabWare’s biobank & biorepository software can be deployed via the web on a variety of common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or as a Windows client. The system is highly scalable, and can use popular databases such as Oracle and SQL Server.