LabWare provides solutions for many facets of pharmaceutical R&D, including Discovery, Pre-Clinical and DMPK, Analytical Development, Chemical Development, Clinical Trials Management, and labs that support pilot plant production allowing your organization to manage a single technology platform across the R&D continuum. The key to LabWare’s historical success as a solution in R&D comes from the tremendous breadth of product functionality that can be rapidly configured to support virtually any scientific process. Standardizing on LabWare’s strategic platform will give your R&D organization the following benefits:

  • A single platform from High Throughput Screening to Drug Submission
  • A searchable organizational database providing increased data visibility and institutional knowledge about your compounds, drug formulations, and clinical supplies through their entire lifecycle
  • Reduced costs to manage and administer a single end-to-end solution
  • Institutionalize compliance for all GxP work, while allowing the freedom to invent and explore for non-GxP work
  • A platform that can consolidate many heterogeneous legacy applications, thus driving value, while building a long term asset
  • Leverage industry best practices through the implementation of LabWare’s pharmaceutical template solutions

The LabWare Pharmaceutical R&D platform (LIMS and ELN) offers many tools for the R&D scientist, such as flexible study management capabilities to coordinate and manage all related work in an entire study, comprehensive sample, test and result management capabilities including the ability to tailor workflow relative to each type of sample and research discipline. Easily attach observations and conclusions, instrument reports, files, and images to virtually any experimental data. Create reusable reports with LabWare built-in reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, MS Office reports, submission ready reports rendered in a secure Adobe PDF format. LabWare’s platform embraces industry standards and while being very secure, it provides the freedom to data mine the relational database, summarize and export data easily to other third-party software and statistical applications, if desired. Data trending, charting, and visualization capabilities are provided natively within the LabWare platform for most common comparisons and summarizations.

Configurable Off The Shelf Software:

One of the most compelling attributes of the LabWare LIMS and ELN solution is its ability to be rapidly tailored through configuration, not customization, to meet your specific needs in the lab as well as institutional requirements like system interfaces to key business software and in-house databases. With over 250 purpose-built software modules that LabWare provides to enhance the LabWare core LIMS and ELN software foundation and allow it to be specialized to meet unique needs, the LabWare platform offers unmatched out of the box functionality in the market. LabWare’s advanced software architecture enables the product suite to be extended without requiring you to move to the next version or to re-validate the system, an overwhelming advantage that most LabWare customers find truly compelling. The real “Game Changing Technology” however is LabWare’s tremendous extensibility through configuration. Configuration allows your organization the freedom to tailor our application to meet your specific needs without worrying that it might affect your support or upgradability.

Regulatory Compliance:

The LabWare LIMS and ELN platform are fully compliant with all technical controls of industry regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures), GMPs, and regulatory requirements from many international regulatory agencies. The LabWare Platform has an extensive audit trail and can be configured very easily to support your company’s interpretation of audit reason prompting and if appropriate electronic signature.

LabWare’s software is built to interoperate with virtually any type of instrument software, business software, even including custom in-house developed databases and software you have within your organization. We offer out of the box software modules that interface with many common software applications and instrument systems used in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as offering a full suite of tools that allow you to create one way or bi-directional interfaces to other systems. LabWare’s adherence to industry standards and open architecture includes Web Services means you will never be locked out from creating point-to-point interface solution or connecting the LabWare platform to an Enterprise Service Bus product to future proof your R&D organization from constant change and technological advancement.